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"Word of mouth referrals and repeat business are the most powerful testaments to the high quality of a service or good. A friend recommended Yvo to paint my apartment in San Francisco. After he did so, I recommended him to friends. When I moved, I asked him to paint my new apartment. Soon he will be painting my home in the wine country.

What's so great about Yvo?

His work is meticulous, yes. But in addition to being a first-rate technician, he has a  keen sense of style informed by years of experience painting for high-end clients in San Francisco.

He wields his  paint brush thoughtfully, and on more than one occasion has gently guided me toward a better color choice.

He considers each project as a whole, taking into account how the entire space will flow from room to room once his  work is done. As a bonus, his home improvement and repair capabilities are not limited to painting". 


 In short, Yvo will provide excellent service and a pleasurable collaborative process to achieve your desired results!


 Stefanie Kelly

 San Francisco & Napa Valley





"Yvo saved my life -- he is not only a brilliant painter but more importantly he is brilliant with colors.  I struggled with picking the colors for my newly remodeled home.  He patiently guided me to the right shades.  And now ten years later the house is still a miracle of perfect colors -- that have not faded with time.


Best of all Yvo is a delight  -- a true professional.  He arrives on time; works hard; and does not leave until the job is done. And always finds time to clean up at the end of every day.


He is reliable; talented and honest. Anyone would be lucky to have Yvo help them on a project. You not only get a painter but find, as I did, a friend for life".


Sharon Levy,  happy client for over 10 years.







"Yvo is always courteous and respectful to people. He is prompt to arrive to the job and he strives to make his clients happy. We never have to worry about a mess or the job not being done right."


HEDGE Gallery

I have used YCH Painting for over 10 years and have come to expect only the best.  The work is always done efficiently but with incredible attention to detail.  Great care is taken to protect my furnishings and everything is put back exactly the way they found it when the job is complete.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional painting, regardless of the scope or difficulty of the job.

Very Sincerely,
Lucy Malocsay

The last five years we have expanded our commercial business in the San Francisco Area. Companies, like Steve Volpe Designs, Hedge Gallery and Vinifera Marketing between others.


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